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Physical lab

Verbal test of intelligence by Jalota , Educational intrest record, Devis Battary of differential aptitude, non verbal group test of intelligence by Lmtisunghbha, Thematic apperception test by Uma choudary. directed observation board with a set of question

Physical Science Name Experiment: Oerstet experiment, Single circuit experiment, a/c, d/c, forde/s experiment, Capar furnishing experiment, Pendulum experiment, Magnetic experiments, Electronics configuration, Quidas experiments, etc

Name of Charts (Physical Science) : Atoms, Periodic table, Magnetism, a/c dynamo, d/c dynamo,  Sum, Planets, Blast furnace, Soap preparation,  Rotary kilin, Compound microscope, Lens, Measuring cylinder, Voltmeter, Newton scolour disk , Simple pendulum, Solar cooker, Solar water Heater, etc.

Science Lab:

Intlligence test, personality test, Creativity test, Project techniques, Aptitude test, Attitude test, Socio metry, Tat, Cat, Mirror drawing, etc

Name Experiment(Biological Science) : To show Osmosis, To show diffusion, To Demonstrate that sunlight is essential for photosynthesis etc ,

Name Charts(Biological Science) : Blood circulation chart, Brain, Kidney, Heart, Anatomy, Ear, Knows, Eye, Tongue, Physiology, Plants cell, Animal cell, Lungs, Seeds germination.

Name Model(Biological Science) : Brain, Heart, Digestive system module, Respirity system module, Celestine, DNA & RNA

Language Lab :

Sentence formation chart, Verbal development chart, Tenses chart, Word relationship chart,etc.

Name of Equipment’s(Language Lab) : Language poets CD, language development CD, Vocabulary development CD, National songs CD, etc